Medicare Supplement

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Since the beginning of Medicare the government has never intended to provide full coverage for those who have Medicare. There have always been “gaps in coverage”. So the “Medicare Beneficiaries” or those who have Medicare Part A and/or B, were left with gaps in coverage with no limit to how much out of pocket they may have to pay each year. Insurance policies were made available to provide protection for those unforeseen costs and medical expenses. These policies are referred to as Medicare Supplement or Medi Gap Plans.

Prior to July 1, 1993 these plans were all different and the coverage was next to impossible to compare one to another. What one company would pay for their competitor may not but they may cover something else in a different way. However since that time, all new policies sold have been standardized. This means the coverage is the same no matter which company sells the plan. These plans were all labeled A – J until just recently when two new plans made available. The two new plans are K & L. Since then it has been much easier to find and compare plans to determine which plan to buy.


Each state has many Medicare Supplement/Gap plans to choose from. We have done our best in narrowing down the choice to the companies who have a great track record for not only being fairly priced but also provide great service for the premium. Helping our clients choose a plan that is right for them is our goal every time.