Short Term Care

Short term care insurance is coverage that will take care of your potential costs when you are in a rehabilitation facility. Under the current policies of Medicare, as long as you meet Medicare’s criteria, they will cover the first 20 days in a rehabilitation center. However, after those twenty days are up if you continue to meet Medicare’s stringent rules you have a daily deductible which currently runs $141.50 each day.

If however, during any time of your stay you fail to meet the guidelines Medicare stops their payment on that day and one is left to their own resources to pay. Another common occurrence is at the time Medicare ceases to approve your stay you MAY not be ready or able to leave the facility because you still have your health and or strength to be able to go home safely. With a Short Term Care Insurance policy you know you will have the coverage to take care of your costs while you remain in the rehab center getting better and stronger so you can return home when you are ready not when the government says they will not approve for any more days.

man with health insurance getting care

These types of policies are only available from a few companies. The coverage available is for up to 360 days. You are able to choose how long and how much the policy will pay which makes this kind of alternative to traditional Nursing Home or Long Term Care policies much more affordable and logical. I have found this to be a great choice for many of my clients and they have expressed their peace of mind they now have knowing that when the time comes they will not have to rely on the Government to tell them they need to go home or pay out of pocket if they want or need to stay longer.