Stretch IRA Distributions

How would you like to have the money in your IRA be maximized and earn the most interest while at the same time minimizing and paying the least amount of tax as possible?

We all know the money in IRA’s has not been taxed. We also know Uncle Sam is just waiting for that money to come out of these tax deductible and tax deferred accounts so he can collect his due. However, with the right kind of planning you can defer those taxes even longer and pay even fewer dollars in income tax by “Stretching” the payout of your IRA.

retirement money stretch ira

By making the right choices now and with the right IRA Custodian, you can “Stretch” the values in your IRA and benefit those you love dearest. This can’t be done just by chance. Without the correct paperwork and following precise steps your IRA will follow the rest and be robbed by Uncle Sam for taxes.