Your Options

Even though Medicare covers most healthcare expenses, it often leaves many gaps in coverage. This means that as a Medicare beneficiary, you may be left to pay thousands in deductibles and copayments. These gaps in coverage lead beneficiaries (or soon-to-be beneficiaries) like you to purchase additional private insurance. There are two main types of private insurance available to you: Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement insurance.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Since the beginning of Medicare the government has never intended to provide full coverage for those who have Medicare. There have always been “gaps in coverage”. So the “Medicare Beneficiaries” or those who have Medicare Part A and/or B, were left with gaps in coverage with no limit to how much out of pocket they may have to pay each year. Insurance policies were made available to provide protection for those unforeseen costs and medical expenses.


These policies are referred to as Medicare Supplement or Medi Gap Plans. In these plans, you are still enrolled in Medicare itself, as well as the private insurance. The Medicare will cover the majority of the healthcare bills and the private insurance covers the extra co-payments and deductibles. There are currently 10 different types of Medical Supplement plans labeled by letter that are standardized across all insurance companies; however, premiums and customer service from those companies can vary.  This means the coverage is the same no matter which company sells the plan.


  • 10 standardized plans
  • Enroll in Medicare & private insurance
  • Covers extra co-payments & deductibles


Each state has many Medicare Supplement/Gap plans to choose from. We have done our best in narrowing down the choice to the companies who have a great track record for not only being fairly priced but also provide great service for the premium. Helping our clients choose a plan that is right for them is our goal every time.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare advantage plans are private insurance plans that replace Medicare completely, meaning that the insurance company covers all your healthcare bills. They must provide the same level of coverage as Medicare, except hospice care. Depending on where you live you could have as many as 50 to 60 or as few as 5 to 10 different plan designs to choose from for this type of coverage. Many of the plans will include the Medicare Prescription Drug Plans or “PDP”.


Unlike the Standardized Supplement/Gap plans, these “Advantage Plans” are not standardized by any means. Advantages and disadvantages abound in all of the plans. One plan may be great for one person may not be the most appropriate for the next. Careful consideration needs to be given before a selection should be made. Additionally, once in this type of plan you have restrictions which basically are set in stone as far as when you can make changes to your coverage. This is another reason careful consideration is wise before enrolling in one of these plans.


  • Many different types
  • Enroll just in private insurance
  • Covers all costs & payments


Each year a careful comparison is done by us of each of the plans. This is done to narrow down which of the many plans available will provide the broadest and most comprehensive coverage. We then choose the top six or so companies to offer to our clients.

Here at Hoopes Insurance solutions, we specialize in finding a personalized plan that fits your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.